Visiting Parkwood, Gadebridge and Boxmoor Surgeries

Visiting Parkwood, Gadebridge and Boxmoor Surgeries 2023

Dear Patients,

Although there will be many changes to the rules and regulations after the 19th of July 2021 those for NHS settings will continue as they have for the previous months. This means that patients visiting the surgery will need to wear a face mask, follow social distancing rules, be free of covid symptoms and sanitise their hands. Any patients with an exemption to wearing a face mask will be expected to wear a visor.

These procedures are to protect the most vulnerable patients who need to come to the surgeries. It will also protect the staff because if our staff test positive then others may have to isolate, and it may require us to reduce the services we can offer and depending on numbers may need to close as has happened with some other GP Practices around the country.

We understand we had all hoped we would be able to reduce some of the precautions at this stage but with new strains of the virus arriving we need to keep with them for a further period.

Please note the surgery’s other two branches Gadebridge and Boxmoor are open for pre-booked appointments only which means the main branch in Warners End is accessible for our patients. All prescriptions and sample drop offs should be taken to the main branch.

Thank you for your understanding. Here is a link to the guidelines