Our appointment system!

We are currently only booking face to face appointments on a doctors request.  If the doctors fells that you need to be seen at the surgery then a member of the reception team will contact you to arrange this.

Due to the unsustainable pressure that we are currently facing within general practice and for the safety and well being of all of our patients and staff we have taken the decision to alter our appointment set up.

Each telephone call will be triaged in the first instance by a member of our highly trained reception team, who have been requested by our doctors, to ask certain questions to ascertain where best to place your query.  Your call will then be placed on either a triage call list for emergency call that same day or a routine call back appointment when a doctor will call you within an arranged time frame (i.e. a morning or afternoon call).  If a doctor decides that you require a face to face appointment at the surgery, then a member of the reception team will contact you to arrange this.

A call back appointment is 10 mins, whilst a face to face appointment will now be 15 minutes each approximately.

We will continue to monitor the demand, sustainability and progress of this system and make any necessary adjustments that we feel are required.

We will endeavour to notify you of any changes they we need to make to your appointment, or the appointment system, as soon as reasonably possible.

This may be via a phone call or a text message.