Flu Vaccinations and Clinics 2022

We are expecting our delivery of the flu vaccination during the week commencing 12th September!

We will update this page once we receive them.

We are in the process of sending out our flu invitations.  We are starting with our patients that are aged 65 or older (this includes patients that will turn 65 by 1st April 2023).  We have sent our usual letters to those patients that do not have a mobile on their records

Those patients with a mobile on record will be sent a text message invitation which will allow you to book your own appointment.  At the moment the system is only allowing clinics to be booked that are within a 3 weeks timeframe but they are looking to increase this.  Below are instructions and what eligible patients will see when they receive their message and how to book their appointment.  Again, the system has a 48 hour expiry on the link that is sent but we have requested that this is also increased. 

As always if you are at the surgery in person for an appointment in the meantime and you are due the flu vaccine then please ask a member of the team.


An example of the text message that an eligible patient will receive:

Once you click the link then you will be redirected to the following page:

You must input your date of birth and then confirm:

At present AccuRx will only show clinics that are within 3 weeks (but they are working on increasing this!).

You should then select the date and the time slots that are available will appear:

You can select one of these appointments or select the ‘show all slots’ option and all available slots will appear

Select the desired time slot and then continue.  You can then review or change the appointment and then confirm:


You will then see a confirmation page 

and also receive a text message confirming that the appointment has been made